Interpol closes in on photoshop-paedophile

Interpol closes in on photoshop-paedophile

Man identified as 32-year-old English teacher from Canada

Interlpol has identified a wanted paedophile as 32-year-old Christopher Paul Neil from Canada.

The man worked as an English teacher in South Korea and was last seen when he arrived at Bangkok's international airport on 11 October.

Neil allegedly posted digital images where he sexually abused 12 boys. The images had been digitally altered to hide his identity.

German authorities created an application that reversed the digital effects. Interpol posted the images online, leading to 350 tips from the public. In addition to his birth date, name and work history, Interpol tracked down Neil's passport number.

The international law enforcement agenchy is asking the public to report any information on Neil's current whereabouts.