Information Commissioner welcomes data protection review

Information Commissioner welcomes data protection review

Data protection watchdog will help review of information sharing in government and private sector

The prime minister is launching a review of information-sharing practices in the public and private sector.

And Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, who will play a key role in the initiative, has welcomed the opportunity to re-consider the UK approach to data protection.

"The review will consider how best we can ensure that our society reaps the benefits of sensible information sharing whilst ensuring the right privacy and other safeguards for individuals and society," said Thomas.

The review will consider whether any changes are needed to the way the Data Protection Act operates in the UK and the powers available to the Information Commissioner's Office in policing the Act.

Sensible information sharing has clear benefits but needs to be carefully monitored, said Thomas.

"Information sharing can personalise services and create greater efficiencies, but as the public and private sectors collect and share more of our personal information the risks of security breaches and privacy intrusion increase," he said.