Hitachi sets its sights on the SME storage market

Hitachi sets its sights on the SME storage market

HDS claims new plug-and-play storage model needs no training and is easy to install

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is looking to grab a piece of the SME market by launching the Hitachi Simple Modular Storage (SMS) Model 100, an entry-level storage module for rack systems.

The module is designed to manage growing volumes of data and ensure data protection in a simple-to-use, plug-and-play product that requires no technical training to use.

Neil Evans, regional sales director UK for Hitachi Data Systems, assured VARs that the product is not a stripped-down version of an enterprise system, but a true small-business solution and is easy to install.

“This type of system is being adopted by more businesses. It will also be implemented in startups, so as the company grows we will grow with them,” Evans added.

He said the product cannot be removed from the rack accidentally, providing secure protection.

The SMS 100 is available worldwide through all HDS’s channel partners, VARs, system integrators and its direct sales force.

“This is an incremental product for our partners. HDS is not replacing its market focus, but is addressing a new one,” Evans said.

Stuart Sawle, managing director of reseller and HDS partner Sysop, said: “Sysop fully supports any vendor that produces simpler products for SMEs because this market has a vulnerable infrastructure.

“There is increasing interest in the SME market as the high end is shrinking. However, bigger vendors that also sell direct are squeezing out the resellers. Resellers help smaller businesses understand their technology, but if vendors produce simpler products there is no need for this service,” he added.