Hackers offer instant iPhone crack

Hackers offer instant iPhone crack

Site automatically strips iPhone protections

A group of developers has constructed a web site which automatically lifts software restrictions on the Apple iPhone or the iPod Touch.

The site installs and launches a software package which performs a procedure known as 'jailbreaking'. The process lifts the software locks which prevent users from installing third-party applications on the iPhone.

The procedure reportedly takes advantage of a vulnerability in the way that the iPhone handles TIFF image files, which exposes users to remote code execution. After performing the jailbreak procedure and installation, the software then patches the vulnerability, protecting users from future exploits.

The process performed by the site will not remove the SIM-locks which link the iPhone to AT&T's network. Users wishing to unlock their iPhones will need to download and install a separate piece of software.

The creators of the site claim that the process will not lead to the 'bricking' issues which befell users of hacked iPhones in the past, and that the process can easily be reversed through the device's software restore option.

The installation of third-party software on the iPhone has been a grey area for both users and developers. While Apple has said that it does not condone or support the process, the company has also said that it will not be making any special efforts to remove the software from hacked iPhones.

Apple hopes to resolve the issue in February of 2008, when the company will release a software development kit (SDK) which will allow developers to produce sanctioned third-party applications on the iPhone.

Currently, Apple only officially allows developers to create third-party iPh one applications that run via the Safari web browser.

The website is available at http://jailbreakme.com. Users should not access the URL from their iPhone or iPod Touch devices, as it will instantly perform the hack.