Google accused of left-wing bias

Google accused of left-wing bias

Claims of reds under the virtual bed after Sputnik commemoration

Google has been accused of being too left wing after it commemorated the 50-year anniversary of the launch of the first satellite.

Right-wing bloggers and magazines have condemned the company for what they believe are "anti-American" attitudes.

Google recently modified its home-page logo to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the Sputnik launch.

"It's a kick to your belly," conservative blogger Giovanni Gallucci told the LA Times.

"I understand these guys are scientists and engineers and they have their quirks and want to make sure people are recognised who might not normally be recognised, but why not celebrate the struggles that we've come through as a people?"

Google has also been accused of not doing enough to commemorate American holidays. While the company does commemorate major holidays it chooses not to change its logo for minor holidays.

"When they ignore Veterans Day and Memorial Day, I think they're telling us something about the way they view America," said Joseph Farah, editor of, a conservative website that has criticised Google's logo decisions.

The company has defended its record. "Google's special logos tend to be light-hearted and often scientific in nature," said spokeswoman Sunny Gettinger.

"We do not believe we can convey the appropriate sombre tone through this medium to mark holidays like Memorial Day."