Gaming vest allows players to 'feel' bullets

Gaming vest allows players to 'feel' bullets

Bang, bang, you're dead

Gaming accessories developer TN Games has developed a vest that will allow gamers to feel the bullets slamming into them during a first person shooter game.

From November 21, TN Games’ own title game Incursion and a 3rd Space enabled version of Activision's Call of Duty II game will be bundled together and shipped with TN Games 3rd Space FPS Vest for $189.

The gaming firm has also developed software patches that enable Quake 3, 4, and Doom 3 with 3rd Space technology. Gamers who own or purchase these titles can purchase the 3rd Space FPS Vest and easily download the patches free of charge.

"We can't wait for the multitudes of Quake and Doom gamers to strap on our vests and start 3rd Spacing." said Mark Ombrellaro, founder and CEO of TN Games.

"We believe it will not only enhance these best selling titles, but bring an unprecedented new physical experience to each gamer."

TN Games’ impact-generating 3rd Space technology uses an air source to fire eight pneumatic cells embedded in the vest. The cells are designed to simulate the direction and force of bullet fire in a first-person shooter game.