Free WiFi for UK troops overseas

Free WiFi for UK troops overseas

Soldiers based in Iraq and Afghanistan to receive free wireless access

Soldiers based in Iraq and Afghanistan are to have free WiFi access to allow them to surf the web and contact relatives without leaving their accommodation.

Rollout is expected to be completed by Easter 2008.

The new programme is part of plans to increase the provision of entertainment and communication facilities to troops overseas, according to the UK Ministry of Defence.

"I am delighted that our brave service personnel deployed on operations in Iraq or Afghanistan will soon have access to free WiFi internet access," said Des Browne, secretary of state for defence.

"This will make it even easier for our armed forces to stay in touch with their loved ones back home while they continue their tremendous work in bringing stability to Iraq and Afghanistan."

The initiative is scheduled to begin after the December completion of Project Mercury, which is increasing the availability of telephones and online-ready computers for soldiers abroad.