Email encryption gets easier

Email encryption gets easier

Securecoms launches new outbound security tools

Secure messaging vendor Securecoms has launched two new encryption offerings designed to give firms an 'easy-to-install and manage' way of mitigating the risks presented by outbound email channels.

Secure-mail is a hardware appliance which sits between the mail server and internet gateway and can be installed in minutes, according to the firm's chief executive David Ford. The Secure-mail:lite solution, meanwhile, is a downloadable application for those who do not have the hardware hub but want to send and receive encrypted emails between Securecoms users.

"People are now sending the most confidential stuff by email but no medium - or even fairly large sized - firms are encrypting between each other or with their clients," argued Ford. "They're either unaware of the issues, mistakenly think their existing email security software is protecting them, or they find the technology too complex to run."

Securecoms' two offerings are available on a free 30-day trial and is then priced on a subscription basis per external email user.