Carnegie Mellon and Nortel team up for security

Carnegie Mellon and Nortel team up for security

Working together to develop next-gen security technologies

Research university Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab has teamed up with Nortel to collaborate on advanced research and development of next generation security technologies.

The partnership combines Carnegie Mellon's security expertise with Nortel's unified communications capablities to identify new security tools that can be used for carrier and enterprise products, services and solutions.

Nortel is also exploring the potential for an onsite research lab as part of the CyLab partnership and on-campus research assignments for Nortel security experts.

"Security is the very essence of communications today and is becoming increasingly complex to maintain in this new era of hyperconnectivity, where the number of devices and applications connected to the network is greater than the number of people using the network," said Deborah Stokes, external research director of Nortel's CTO. "Nortel's advanced research projects with leading universities like Carnegie Mellon CyLab help to identify new security innovations and strategies essential for the next generation of communications so that users can enjoy the benefits of hyperconnectivity while, at the same time, keeping their communications secure."