BT offers businesses Wi-Fi vouchers

BT offers businesses Wi-Fi vouchers

Vouchers for roaming could help firms cut down on communications bills

BT Openzone has launched travel vouchers for WiFi users wishing to make cheap phone calls while traveling abroad. The vouchers allow travellers abroad on mainland Europe and the Americas to use Wi-Fi hotspots to make voice calls as well connect to the internet.

BT also announced a deal with Internet access provider iBahn which would give Openzone customers connections in a further 1,200 hotels, this comes on top of the 9,600 hotels where Openzone customers already Wi-Fi access.

Business users might be attempted as the vouchers will help them to avoid hidden roaming fees, often added by mobile operators, and will lead to greater transparency in telecoms bills. BT Openzone said that the EU's recent ruling - covering roaming charges, only covers voice calls and not data roaming charges which can quickly mount up if users exceed their allotted download limits.

Pricing for the service is more expensive in Europe, BT Openzone 500 Europe costs £40 and provides 500 minutes of Wi-Fi within 14 days of first log-in. BT Openzone Americas 500 is over 25 per cent cheaper, costing £28 and giving 500 minutes of Wi-Fi but within 7 days of first log-in.