Boffins develop wind-powered USB charger

Boffins develop wind-powered USB charger

Solar panels add sun charging capability

Arthur Huang, an architect and engineer trained at Cornell and Harvard universities has developed the Hymini USB charger, a small fan-based charger that can help boost the battery life of consumer technology goods.

The device operates in winds above 9mph and up to 40mph, storing energy on its Li-ion battery and outputting 5v to USB-powered devices.

A 20-minute breeze will power an iPod for 30 minutes, a PDA for 40 minutes and a cellphone for four minutes, or allow a digital camera to snap 20 images.

The device also comes with add-on solar panels, four of which can be attached to power the internal battery.

When there is no sun or wind, the Hymini USB charger can be plugged into the wall and charged from the mains.

The device is expected to be out later this year, with a price to be confirmed.