Nokia 6120 classic 3G GSM Cell Phone - Review

Nokia 6120 classic 3G GSM Cell Phone - Review

Nokia 6120 classic 3G GSM Cell Phone - Pearl WhiteThe Nokia 6120 classic is probably one of the many mobile phones that most people would assume is a low-end handset. We had the same thought, too. What's not apparent at first glance is that the nondescript handset is, in fact, equipped with quite a few features. While most users probably won't fall in love with this candy-bar smart phone, we don't think anyone would call it ugly, either. Unlike the E- or N-series devices which have specific target markets, the midrange 6120 classic is aimed at the masses.

Design of the Nokia 6120 classic

Frankly, the design of the 6120 classic is like what its name suggests--classic. It's unpretentious and is nothing more than a rectangular candy bar with a screen and some buttons. Put the two together and you'll get a phone. The Finnish company has flashier models and this is definitely not one of them.

At best, this Nokia looks vaguely like the trendier DVB-H-enabled N77 with a glossy black fascia and matte-silver circumference. Both the front and back sport similar surfaces, so be prepared to wipe the rear estate often if you're picky about the fingerprint database.

Initially, we kept mixing up the menu and correction keys for the left/right soft controls. It became a non-issue only after a few days of use. We were also skeptical about the flimsy alphanumeric keys which appeared to be similar to the ones on the Sony Ericsson W960i. Again, the good tactile and responsive feedback changed our minds.

It could be just our review unit, but the battery cover didn't seem to stay firm after it was locked into place. That wasn't a big issue although it was mildly irritating to feel irksome.

Features of the Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 6120 classic 3G GSM Cell Phone - Black
By making it unassuming in terms of looks, it is actually "beyond expectations" to find HSDPA (3.5G) connectivity on this quadband handset that's powered by the robust Symbian S60 platform. The smart phone also comes with Bluetooth stereo A2DP and mini-USB port connectivity options.

For expanded memory, the microSD card is hot-swappable from the left edge of the phone. The door to the flash media is not spring-loaded, so it stays in place after opening it. We're not too sure whether the hinge will loosen over time, though. The 6120 comes with 35MB of built-in memory and Nokia ships commercial units with a 256MB card.

One thing we're couldn't convince ourselves was surfing the Web via HSDPA on the 2-inch QVGA screen. It's fine for short occasional Web browsing, but prolonged viewing will probably result in some eye-squinting or a less than immersive experience.

The 2-megapixel camera took average-quality photos and the onboard LED photolight helped when we were shooting in low-light environments with our subject in close proximity. What it lacked was autofocus, a feature which is commonplace on Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot models and just as important as a built-in photolight. Besides the main shooter, there's also a front-facing camera for 3G video calls.

We also liked the 2.5mm audio jack on the 6120 although a 3.5mm-size one would be preferable for external headsets. That said, at least it is easier to find a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm connector than one to match a proprietary port.

Performance of the Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia rates the handset for 3.1 hours of talktime and 9.5 days on standby. In actual use of making calls, sending text messages and listening to music via A2DP daily during commute, the battery trudged on for just over two days before it gave up. Call quality was good and the onboard speakers were relatively loud. It helped that the latter is well-placed on the side of the handset instead of on the back, so we were able to hear the caller who was on the other end of the video call relatively clearly.

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I mean for this phone, comparing to my N73(which is so lack), I feel 6120 classic, other than its beautiful looks, nice to handle, it will not dissappoint you with its features and amazingly no lack even if you open a few application and keep them running. Its slim and small, the keypad is comfortable. Of cours music quality can't compare with N73(2 speakers), it has only 1 but if you have no hearing problem, it could sound very loud.