Siemens takes HiPath to WLAN security

Siemens takes HiPath to WLAN security

Integrated IDS/IPS and location services designed to stop unauthorised users and hacker attacks.

Siemens announced this week that it has integrated AirTight Networks' wireless security technology into its HiPath wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment.

The software is designed to make it easier for administrators to manage multiple Wi-Fi security services from a single interface and may even help produce compliance reports for corporate governance auditors.

The HiPath Wireless Manager Advanced (HWPA) platform integrates intrusion-detection system (IDS) and intrusion-prevention system (IPS) features, as well as location services that help define user authentication and access policies at their point of entry to the WLAN.

It also allows administrators to monitor and analyse WLAN traffic, and block or break suspect connections, whilst search algorithms can identify specific types of wireless attacks and suspicious traffic.

A range of network vendors, including HP ProCurve, are looking to integrate similar authentication and access features into their LAN switches to make management simpler. But putting the features into access points (APs) can make them easier and more cost-effective to deploy.

According to Siemens, HWPA includes predefined business rules and reporting capabilities that can help organisations find out whether their data security policies comply with corporate governance legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley or Basel II.

HWPA will not be available in the UK until later this year, and pricing is still to be announced. The software in the US costs between $1,500 (£850 + VAT) and $7,500 (£4,210 + VAT), with a $338 (£190 + VAT) licence required for each access point.