Postini takes strain off firms' message servers

Postini takes strain off firms' message servers

Postini’s web-based archiving for email and messaging can reduce the need for in-house storage

Email and instant messaging management specialist Postini has announced a new product to help IT administrators reduce the need for in-house mail and message storage.

Postini Personal Archive complements Postini's Archive Manager service by enabling users to search, retrieve view and restore any of their archived email or instant messages at any time through a web browser.

Andrew Lochart Postini said the service meets the needs of end-users while allowing firms to reduce the storage on their primary mail servers – and cut associated costs - by sending a copy of all messages to Postini's datacentres for archiving.

"There is so much email now it has a performance impact on mail servers and the alternatives look like they are doing IT a favour but have many negative consequences, like wasting staff time by asking them to delete emails," said Lochart. "With the new user interface, the service lets people continue to use email as a personal filing cabinet."