Phishing attacks soar

Phishing attacks soar

Lack of action by ISPs to blame, says IT security firm

Nearly half of phishing attacks are being directed at internet banks outside of the United States, according to new research.

The survey by IT security firm RSA Cyota shows that 49 per cent of identity stealing scams are targeting banks in Europe and Asia.

The number of attacks increased to 3,400 last month. Germany has seen the biggest increase in phishing, while the US and UK still suffer the most from fraudulent emails and spoof websites.

The study by RSA Cyota found that 60 per cent of all phishing attacks and spoof bank sites – used to steal customer passwords and log-in details – were hosted in the US, rather than well-known internet crime hotspot such as Russia, China or Brazil.

Some 10 per cent of phishing sites were hosted in the UK, while eight per cent were held in both Germany and South Korea.

RSA Cyota blamed lack of action by internet service providers in taking down spoof internet banking sites as the main reason criminals were hosting web sites in Western countries.