Paramedic podcasts hope to save lives

Paramedic podcasts hope to save lives

First aid for the iPod generation

Sussex Ambulance Service has launched a range of first aid advice available as MP3 downloads for the iPod generation.

The chosen topics cover situations where giving the correct first aid could mean the difference between life and death.

"Of course, we realise that everyone hopes that they are never confronted with these situations," said the ambulance service in a statement.

"But unfortunately, the facts are otherwise. What is more, the chances are the victim will be somebody close to you."

Sussex Ambulance Service said that the downloads are copyright free and have been professionally produced so they will always be crystal clear whenever they are needed.

The scheme was devised by Stuart Rutland, a paramedic and emergency care practitioner based at Hove ambulance station.

Rutland explained that he took his skills for granted and thought how difficult it would be for a member of the public with no training when confronted with a serious medical emergency.

"Of course it would be nice if everybody took a first aid course but people lead busy lives and can't always find the time," he said. "So I hope this advice goes some way to addressing the problem."