Microsoft zooms in on Windows Media Encoder Studio

Microsoft zooms in on Windows Media Encoder Studio

Beta edition uses VC-1 for offline encoding

Microsoft has unveiled Media Encoder Studio Edition, the latest addition to its range of Windows Media tools.

The beta encoder is targeted at video professionals creating high-quality offline encoding using Microsoft's implementation of the VC-1 video standard (Windows Media Video).

"With the final standardisation of VC-1, Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition will be an invaluable tool for the offline encoding community," said Amir Majidimehr, corporate vice president of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft.

The application features segment-based re-encoding so that the content editor can adjust settings for specific segments of an encoded file, then re-encode only the desired segment.

It also boasts full bit-depth support allowing it to make the transition from 10-bit to 8-bit without introducing artefacts or contouring.

Support is also provided for hardware acceleration when the application is used in conjunction with hardware optimised for VC-1 video acceleration.